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depending on the use and planned aging (manufacturers do not accept) for reasons such as TV s used in the supply (power) and motherboards, even if there is an intervention from the outside can fail. One of the main reasons for heating electricity in this device is a problem that occurs in any device that contains electricity. ARIZA. .

a nail-sized diode, a finger-sized capacitor, or even a smd capacitor as a pin topping would sabotage the operation of that gigantic tv 🙂

With the training we have received and the experiences we have gained in our apprenticeship, we are going to repair these cards without making any changes.

The components on these cards (transformer fast diodes shotky diodes capacitors fedler mosfeds dpak diodes dpak mosfeds ceramic smd capacitors transistors smd transistors optocuplors triacs varistors ntc smd resistors fuses resistance fuses etc. all of us will make the measurement.

fuse, bridge diode, block capacitor voltage is healthy, optocoupler is provided, what is done if the sound comes from the shotki diode, the campus of the feed, the short-circuit part of the circuit to be measured, if it is robust, the path to be monitored, the output voltage is healthy (3v 5v 5.5v 3.3v 12v) 13.5v 24v, etc.), the color darkness of the components visible in the feed color discoloration odor diodes short circuit components short circuit feeding from other cards and under load when the sound comes from the card is coming from where they come from, if they do not examine the motherboard then we will examine the eyes of the capacitors are broken fluffy change It is possible to do all of this with a digital avometer. It is sufficient to know only the type of the piece being measured and how it is measured. Of course when it is not under load. osfetler coils (blind measurement, manual measurement. This measurement is amateur measurement or new in the profession or a new start or a new start.

We have tried to touch on the fine details of the service we provide at least.

The problem in your TV as soon as possible tests have been done in a working state to deliver us just enough to contact us.

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