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In Ankara-Dikmen, all appliances such as appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners etc.

circuit board repair services. many motherboard capacitor coil integrated relay chip transistor resistor diode fuse, eeprom chip and smd elements, except for the feed cards.

malfunctions caused by heating or electrical contact (short circuit), liquid contact etc. We are repairing motherboards that are damaged by such problems.

bus break, road jump, burn and broken components (capacitor, relay diode transistor, etc.), such as failure detection and after the necessary action (change), we deliver the motherboard is running.

circuit boards are delicate designs in terms of structure. According to the function, all 2 layers are used, but some of these cards are used only one of these two layers, the components used are smd elements and the other layer is a surface covered only with green pcb.

The path is followed by measurement (avometer and oscilloscope) by measuring all the circuit elements of the fault is resolved. 🙂

It is possible to detect with a burning smell or under a microscope.

We are ready to serve you with all the equipment and tools that will make these determinations in our technical service workshop ..

Boiler Card Repair

These cards can be called the heart of combi boilers. These cards have different dimensions of components such as feeding card or other motherboards. Functions are the same. Capacitor varistor triac thyristor ntc relay coil resistor smd transistor resistor fuse integrated parts such as eeprom are possible to repair. and half the price of motherboard replacement is a more economical solution.

When measuring the parts on the circuit, we are not sure of the robustness of the part with the help of heat gun and heat station by removing the outside of the circuit to measure and test the strength of the broken out of the same way to ensure that after testing our card.

For these operations, we use the minimum precision measuring instruments with margin of error, and we guarantee the quality and robustness of our work within a 1-year warranty.

Refrigerator Circuit Board Repair

Although the size of the refrigerator circuit boards are small, some malfunctions of the fan runs at the opening of the fan, but after a while in the cabinet does not function if the circuit does not function in the circuit board does not have a problem. Do not get in a hurry. the plague of our age SUGAR disease ..

Fridge cards are as simple as a combi card in terms of their structure, but more expensive than the simplistic.price model shows the cost of a circuit board of an intelligent refrigerator card sells the price of a smart fridge unfortunately.

Don’t decide to change it directly without knowing the repair price, because the circuit board you buy is not zero, but the seller gives you a short-term guarantee.


  • Jon dedi ki:

    Dear Behzat Güler,

    Thank you for sharing about the circuit board repair services you offer in Ankara-Dikmen. It’s impressive to hear that you can repair a variety of appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. that have malfunctioning circuit boards.

    I appreciate your attention to detail and the fact that you use high-quality equipment and tools to ensure the accuracy of your repairs. Your use of minimum precision measuring instruments with a margin of error is especially noteworthy, as it shows your commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy service.

    I found it interesting to learn about the different types of cards you repair, such as boiler cards and refrigerator circuit boards. Your explanation of the components used in these cards and how you go about repairing them was informative.

    Overall, your services seem like a more economical solution than motherboard replacement, and your 1-year warranty is reassuring. Thank you for sharing your expertise and offering these valuable services.

    Best regards,

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