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G series, g545 g570 g575 g580

g series is the series that gives the most hinge and frame problems… usually the left and right hinge breaks from the bottom frame, if possible, a special paste is attached to the frame with hinges. If the hinges do not have problems, the hinges can be replaced or repaired with a special welding process.

100 300 500 SERIES

Even with the Lenovo performance computer, which gives quality and reliability to its customers, chronic malfunctions occur.

hinge case problems are the most important of these. As it is known, it is possible to supply the original ZERO case and parts only from the factory which does not allow the factory to sell.

but it is possible to supply the original but second hand casing and parts, and the casing and parts of the case. When buying these, it is necessary to take the inside and outside of the casing by inspecting the nut screw sockets and the port sockets from inside to outside.

cover frame bottom case upper case keyboard case hinge etc. it is possible to find out and zero side industry.

In the G series, especially in all other series and the problem can be encountered in the lower case and hinge problem.

Whether it is the second hand original parts get zero is very common in Ankara is easy to find parts of Ankara, although a little expensive.

hinge repair of each brand model laptop.

100 series hinge and case repair, replacement.

300 series (v300 v310 v320 etc) hinge and case repair replacement ..

Yoga 500 cover hinge repair.

metal case is a very stylish designed device. time cover and hinges are separated from each other unfortunately is chronic.

We make and deliver 1 year warranty.

In addition, motherboard repair technical service, hard disk problems, speed performance problems, periodic maintenance, wi-fi card problems, chip problems, processor problems, bridge problems, supply short circuit problems, problems in games and graphics programs, heating, fan problems, software problems, upgrade-update issues in software and hardware.

periodical maintenance, depending on the use of the computer and the features of the free heat monitoring programs with graphics card if a minimum of 3 to 4 hours a day used (the game is said to be in place maksimum) a maximum of 3 times a year to maintenance the machine is recommended.Graphic card (onboard) 1 time maintenance It will suffice subject to the requirement of heat monitoring.

During maintenance, the processor of the completely dismantled device and all chips without thermal pad are treated with quality thermal paste.

The cooling fan is opened by opening the inside of the toothbrush and is lubricated and dried. then it is reassembled in the motherboard. (we do not recommend cleaning the fan in the case with oily care material as it may short-circuit if the motherboard splashes.)

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